The GMM-7550 is a small module providing a convenient way to evaluate GateMate FPGA from Cologne Chip AG. This site provides the documentation for the GMM-7550 module, accompany boards, configuration and control software, and FPGA design examples.

The module consists of the FPGA (CCGM1A1) in BGA324 15x15 mm package, power converters, reset, clocking and configuration support circuitries.

To evaluate the module, program the PLL configuration EEPROM and configuration SPI-NOR FLASH on the module either of two adapters may be used:

  • Raspberry Pi HAT adater (connected to 40-pin GPIO of any Raspberry Pi SBC)
  • RP2040 USB adapber

A memory extension module auguments the GMM-7550 with external SRAM and additiona SPI-NOR FLASH for software development with a soft-core CPU or SoC implemented inside the FPGA.

An IO Breakout board provides a convenient way to access FPGA IO signals available on the GMM-7550 IO Connectors.