Raspberry Pi HAT Adapter

KiCad 3D Assembled HAT
KiCad 3D Assembled HAT
  • attaches to a Raspberry-Pi compatible 40-pin I/O header
  • makes use of GPIOs, 2x I2C-bus, and SPI
  • GMM-7550 module may be powered either with 5 V from the 40-pin header or from a dedicated power connector
  • power control and current consumption monitoring of the GMM-7550 module with Analog Devices ADM1177
  • reset signal control to the module
  • LEDs indicating the module power, reset and configuration status
  • voltage level translators for I2C-bus, SPI, and GPIOs
  • CAT24C32 HAT ID EEPROM with write protection
  • 10-pin JTAG programming connector
  • two 12-pin Pmod connectors with 3.3 V I/O signals